Category: TypeScript

Fixtures, the way to manage sample and test data

Fixtures are a thin abstraction layer over sample data in your application which allows for better organizing, often complex, data structures representing different entities. If this sounds like a vague description or does not ring the bell maybe an example will speak to you better.

Creating a TypeScript library with a minimal setup

There are a few major reasons due to which you may find yourself creating a library. One, obviously, is that you have a solution which you would like to share with the Open Source community. The other one is that you need to reuse code across different projects or in the same project but on different platforms.

TypeScript vs Flow

TypeScript calls itself a JavaScript superset and compiler while Flow is a static type checker. TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and highly inspired by C# or Java type systems. What I find interesting is that TypeScript is actually written in TypeScript. Flow is created by Facebook, written in OCaml. Most TypeScript annotations are compatible also with Flow so learning curve for switching from one to another is really smooth.

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