Mastering Jest:
Tips & Tricks
For JavaScript Developers

The ebook goes beyond Jest documentation to explain software testing techniques. I focus on unit test separation, unique mocking features, creating a maintainable test suite, patterns, and best practices.

What this ebook is not? It’s not comprehensive Jest walk-through. Jest documentation is doing a much better job if that’s what you’re looking for.

Write better tests and level up your Jest and unit testing skills in just 3 hours! 🚀

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What's inside matters

What can you learn with this ebook?


Knowing the testing framework is not enough to write a good unit test. It requires practice so let me share insights, patterns, and best practices that I learned while working testing multiple Node.js backends and React.js frontend applications.

Tips & Tricks

Jest is a robust framework, and I explain its most exciting features using real-world examples that will become a valuable reference while writing JavaScript unit test in the future. Improve your workflow, use versatile matchers, and master mocks.


Thoughts on ebook


Full Stack Engineer

"I’ve learned a few non-obvious tricks that would be hard to find otherwise. The ebook is concise, nicely put together, and definitely worth reading!"

Oktawian Jurkiewicz

JavaScript Developer

"The information in this book is beneficial for anyone who wants to level up his testing skills. All topics have bright and laconic descriptions, often taken from the author’s experience. Enjoyed it."

Artur Zochniak

C++, JS, Java Developer

"A brief and practical overview of not only basic, but also very advanced features of the Jest testing framework. Full of smart solutions to problems, which are often solved in a crappy and over-complicated way!"

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Price of $5 for a limited time only! Back up to $9 soon.
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