30 Tips & Tricks
For Solidity Developers

This ebook is a set of bite-size examples with code listings that explain Solidity pitfalls, gives you security hints, suggests ways in which you can improve your smart contracts workflow and recommends helpful coding techniques.

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What's inside matters

What can you learn with this ebook?

Solidity pitfalls

Programming in Solidity is full of non-obvious challenges. When working with smart contracts, it's crucial you know them all in and out. Some quirks and security tips included in the ebook can also be interesting interview questions.

Tips & Tricks

You will learn at least a few new tips and tricks that will help you understand Solidity better and will become a valuable reference while writing smart contracts in the future.


Thoughts on ebook

Sebastian Muszyński

Front-End Web Developer

"So many great tips that it’s difficult to not read all of them at once. Clear, concise and informative. Definitely worth reading!"

Kamil Lelonek

Elixir Software Engineer

"This book is an essence of the most useful hints in Solidity for Ethereum Blockchain. On almost 50 pages you will find everything from an address definition, through transactions details, to Smart Contracts functions."


Engineering at MakerDAO

"I was amazed how Michal was able to put a lot of knowledge in form of short, easy to digest tips. I think it’s essential read for any blockchain developer."

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